For thousands of years, food has been an integral part of the East Asian culture. To the East Asians, food is not only for survival; food is the passionate art of flavor, color, and aroma.

    Since opening its first banquet restaurant in Dubai's Al Ghurair Centre in 1980, Chinese Palace Restaurant has been widely acclaimed by countless customers for its authentic Chinese cuisine and attentive service. With overwhelming support from local partners and communities, Chinese Palace Restaurant was given the opportunity to pioneer various Asian quick dining restaurants in the region to meet the rising demands in both quick and casual dining. Today, with its groups of restaurants each leading in their individual markets, Chinese Palace Restaurant Group has set its goal on only bringing offerings of the highest authenticity and excellence.

From There to Here

Bringing East Asian cuisine from East Asia to this region is our life mission. Our goal is not simply to introduce the cuisine to the local audience as an exotic choice but to immerse East Asian dining into their everyday lives.

The array of dining experiences that the Far East offers is extensive. Having surveyed the regional food offerings in the area of East Asian cuisine, we have carefully compiled a collection of food items either never seen in the regional food scene before or have not been represented correctly by current food service providers.

As opposed to many existing East Asian concept restaurants that focus on generally very traditional service formats, we will be presenting our customers with updated service formats that have been tested and proven to be more popular with today’s consumers.

We believe these offerings will be an exciting and fresh addition to any food scene in the region. The point is not just simply introducing new items but to introduce new items that Dubai customers will love and come back for more.

  • Brand

    We are the premier East Asian cuisine provider and diligently operate the most well-known East Asian restaurant chains in the region. Our brands and products are associated with pure authenticity, rich history, and the highest quality.


    We love people! Our carefully selected employees undergo rigorous training programs, and all shops maintain an overstaffing policy to ensure the best service for our customers.

  • Experience

    With 30 years in the food service industry and a wealth of regional knowledge, we know what we are doing, and we are going strong.


    Using only the best marketfresh ingredients and observing strict food safety regulations, the utmost care is taken to create delicious food and a emorable dining experience. Our food is always prepared fresh in the kitchen and cooked live by our chefs.

  • Authenticity

    Originally from Taiwan, our company directors have provided F&B services throughout the world. Having been in the restaurant industry over 3 generations, they live and breath authentic East Asian cuisine with an obsession. Every chef in every restaurant under the Chinese Palace Group umbrella is hand-picked by our company directors through the most scrutinizing selection process. By insisting on working with only real Asian chefs trained specifically in their respective cuisines, we make no compromises when it comes to the authenticity of our products

  • Compatibility

    We have had the honor to be admitted into most major retail developments in the region due to our keen sense of style and the ability to deliver the best results under any condition. We can customize our shop design, menu, and food presentation to adapt flawlessly to any environment.

  • Reputation

    As a veteran in the UAE F&B market, our reputation as a company is something to be proud of. Honesty and openness has always been our motto when working with our business associates. Our friends love and trust us.