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  44 years of  


 Pioneered The First Chinese Cuisine In UAE 

CPG's story began in 1980 with the inauguration of the first Chinese restaurant in Dubai, Chinese Palace Restaurant. Founded as a family business, CPG transitioned to the leadership of Simon Han in 2010, who subsequently led the group through a remarkable expansion.

From a single Chinese restaurant, CPG has diversified its portfolio to encompass seven distinctive brands and close to 50 stores. Among these brands, four quick-service concepts, including Chinese Palace, Panda Chinese, Umami (Japanese), and Koryo (Korean BBQ), serve customers in the prime malls of Dubai.

In 2015, Simon introduced the renowned dumpling haven, Din Tai Fung, to Dubai, earning instant acclaim. In 2021, CPG brought the popular Taiwanese Bubble Tea concept, Tiger Sugar, to the region. The cherished Chinese Palace Restaurant was also reimagined into Han Shi Fu, a modern Asian gastro pub concept.

Committed to delivering high-quality cuisine and exceptional service, CPG remains a pioneering and beloved institution in the world of Asian cuisine in the Middle East. Under the leadership of the chef owner, Simon, and our team of chefs, the group continues to shape the culinary landscape of Dubai and beyond.

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People-Centric Approach

We prioritize people, including our staff, customers, and partners, at the heart of our F&B business, ensuring care for everyone involved.


Uncompromising Quality Commitment

We relentlessly pursue the highest quality in both service and products, with each dish crafted meticulously, and our staff trained rigorously.


Integrity and Longevity

Operating with unwavering integrity, we are committed to being an enduring industry leader, earning trust through our actions.


Gratitude and Community Connection

Recognizing the power of food to unite communities and bridge differences, we are grateful for our role in impacting people's lives daily.

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